New about rehabilitation!

Until recently, rehabilitation was associated only with treatments for the disabled, today we see more and more opportunities offered by modern physiotherapy and rehabilitation. People practicing sports, caring for relatives with disabilities, or working at a desk in an office — in each of these cases, knowledge and appropriate treatments turn out to be key, as they can significantly improve the quality of life.

The response to the growing interest in this subject will be the first Reha INNOVATIONS Trade Fair in Małopolska, which will take place on September 10-11, 2021 at EXPO Krakow. It is here that the integration of environments related to the broadly understood fields of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and sports medicine will take place.




We will talk about trends, innovations and the future of the physiotherapy industry on April 17th, 2021 during the Reha INNOVATIONS PROlog. The conference will cover the following topics: orthopedics: diagnostics and therapy, wellness and bio-renewal, physiology, prevention and innovation in rehabilitation. The conference will end with the lecture of Dr. Rafał Trąbka President of the Polish Society of Physiotherapy: "Physiotherapy during pandemic and what next?

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New technologies in the service of man

Reha INNOVATIONS will be a platform for meetings and talks. Academic institutions and start-ups will meet in one place to present a wide spectrum of innovations in the areas of digitization and robotics. Due to the aging of the society and the shortage of medical staff, the development of rehabilitation robotics is a very important issue.

Innovations from the world of rehabilitation, physiotherapy and sports medicine

Who is Reha INNOVATIONS for?

Reha INNOVATIONS is a forum for exchange of experiences and relevant industry information, as well as the presentation of products and new solutions in the field of prevention, diagnosis and treatment in physiotherapy, physical medicine, biomedical engineering, sports medicine, osteopathy and spa treatment. The thematic scope of the exhibition is prepared to meet the needs of the most important recipients of this event - management staff, physiotherapists and patients.





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